About Project Bar-B-Q

About Project Bar-B-Q

The Business of BBQ
Benefit from extended discussions on what's been, what is and what will be.
Competitive Edge
Explore new and emerging technologies.
Information Access
Examine the issues; find the answers you need.
Go one-on-one with the best brains in the business, and keep in touch through exclusive email reflectors and a LinkedIn alumni group.
Participate In:
       Group Discussions
       Group Roundtables
       Small Group Sessions
       Facilitated Brainstorming
       Open Debates
Who Should Attend?
       CEOs, Presidents
       Upper-Level Management
       Industry Analysts
       Hardware Manufacturers
       Software Developers
       Marketing Executives
       Composers/Sound Designers
       Academia Members
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Get an attendee's perspective on how BBQ has helped individuals, businesses, and the interactive audio community in general.
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The Premier Interactive Audio Think Tank

Project Bar-B-Q is a conference to bring together a group of smart people (The Bar-B-Q Group), solidify their opinions, and put to good use the combined skills of those people for the good of the manufacturers, developers, and primarily the consumers of audio technology products.

Because of the dynamic nature of this industry, workgroup topics are chosen by a unique brainstorming session on the conference's first day. This gives all present a chance to steer the direction of the powerful Bar-B-Q Group, and to simultaneously benefit from immediate feedback and input from the other remarkable attendees. Each group tackles a problem that has been identified as one of the industry's most important, spending two days of facilitated brainstorming to formulate its best shot at a solution. The result of this work is the annual BBQ report.

Your conference fee covers everything from your arrival at the San Antonio airport to your return there: shuttle, meals, lodging, workgroup and meeting facilities, drinks, toys, notepads, snacks, bandannas and surprises: everything needed to create the perfect atmosphere for productive brainstorming.

Come to Project Bar-B-Q well-rested. You will, as usual, spend from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM formally discussing and directing the future of audio on mobile devices, the web, consoles, computers, and any other technology platform. Your days will be filled with speaker sessions, roundtables, and breakout groups. Discussions will continue, informally, around dinner and well into the night. There will also be plenty of gear for evening electric, electronic, and acoustic jam sessions.

Since 1996, BBQ has shown that the great minds of this industry, given the proper collaborative environment, can design a better world for the producers and consumers of audio technology. The camaraderie, altruism, and tireless effort at this conference are unparalleled.

Please get your registration forms in early. For productivity's sake we limit the conference to a maximum of 50 attendees. If you know of someone who should be at this event, please pass this information on to him or her.

We are looking forward to seeing you at this year's event!

Advisory Board
Project Bar-B-Q Co-Founders
Linda Law
Teresa Avallone

Technical Advisors
David Battino
Batmosphere Media
Tom White
MIDI Manufacturers Assoc.
David Roach
Optimal Sound
Aaron Higgins
Mad Scientist
Big Fat Gorilla Studios

Technical Advisors
Chris Grigg,
Senior Designer
Chris Grigg Designs
Karen Collins
University of Waterloo
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