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The Tenth Annual Interactive Music Conference




Stephen Kay, developer of KARMA algorithmic music technology in software and Korg Keyboards, Karma Lab
"Computer-generated music: who the &*%$ needs it?"

Athan Billias, Director of Marketing - Technology Products, Yamaha Corporation of America
"Flexible Compatibility vs Proprietary Reliability as Business Models in
Computer Audio"

Philip Merrill, Digital Media Project
"Can media technology, media business and society live together?"

BJ Leiderman, composer, BJ Leiderman Music
"The Day The Music Died"

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1. Introduction  2. Speakers  3. Executive Summary  
4. Using a Multiplicity of Audio Devices in the Home PC
5. New Approaches for Developing Interactive Audio Production Systems
6. Design Features of a Mass Market Living Room PC
7. Ubiquitous Content Distribution to and within the Home
8. Improving Computer Audio and Music Production Systems User Interfaces
9. Disrupting the Current Paradigm of How Audio is Viewed and Used
10. Schedule & Sponsors