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The Twelfth Annual Interactive Music Conference




Keith McMillen, Founder, BEAM Foundation
“MAPPS: Technology and motivation for a new music performance aesthetic”

Steve Turnidge, Founder, Ars Divina
“Gravity Wells and The Long Body”

Hank Coleman, CEO, Open Labs, Inc.
“The Liberation of Creation”

Larry the O, President/Master Soup Stirrer, Toys In the Attic
“The Sin of Optimism, the Devil in Denial, the Positive Power of Negativity, and the True Meaning of Faith”

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1. Introduction  2. Speakers  3. Executive Summary  
4. Th Unfnshd Smph... Fixing Broken PC Audio
5. iHear the Future
6. Overcoming Roadblocks in the Quest for Interactive Audio
7. Call for a Highly Distributed Metadata
8. Game Producer's Guide to Audio
9. Next Generation Hand/Glove Controller
10. The Computer as a Musical Instrument
11. Schedule & Sponsors