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The Fourteenth Annual Interactive Audio Conference


by The Fat Man, George A. Sanger

Executive Summary

Wow!  Overlapping themes!  Keywords:  networking, mobile, awareness, social, standardized.  We had a small, tight group, with about 75% being alumni.  Dave Battino was the only speaker, giving a magnificent summary of his favorite issues gathered from 14 years of past BBQ’s.  During what would usually be Friday AM speaker time, BBQ Brothers were invited to give their own talks supporting topics of their choice.  Weather was perfect, starting exactly when the BBQ Brothers arrived.

Dave Roach just now pointed out that there were either no rogue groups, or we were all rogue groups. I wonder if there was ever a war in which both sides claimed to be the “rebels…”  True to that question, “VOIP into the Future” looked at voice calls over IP with an eye not to just incrementally improve VOIP, but to find where the real revolution is going to happen.  Among the main drivers were to maximize communication, entertainment, social networking and such, and minimize fatigue.

The biggest group, “To the Appmobile,”  Looked at a wide variety of good and bad apps, past and present, successes and failures, and predicted good and evil versions of the future based on these.  The good future features speakers everywhere, automatic connections, privacy and solace, and it’s all cheap or free.

“1 plus 1 takes it to 11” set out to optimize the listening experience using the capabilities of all available devices. In the current environment, there’s a lack of compatibility between devices—users can’t share content, and collaboration and performance are compromised. They sought to bring together the components of discovery, streaming, control, synch, and behaviors.  They called for a system that would decide which available devices to use, and how.  Bluetooth has some elements that exist but don’t work very well. There was also a nice simulation of surround audio using phones as the back speakers.

The “Short Bus Drivers” or “Control Heirarchy for Understanding Devices” took on a task very similar to the last group, but kept it in the box, focusing on the audio subsystem in light of the feeling that nobody is really happy yet with what we have.  Among other restricting factors, it was pointed out that HD Audio is good enough to have shined a harsh light on our future requirements (eg. won’t synch to other clocks in or out of the system).  The system that would work best would be one in which everything in the computer would know about everything else in the computer.  Each component would have attributes, developers would publish those attributes and components would control others’ attributes and let others’ control theirs.

SO, that about wraps it up for me, and BBQ #14.  THANK y’all sooooooooo much for rocking my world, which, to some extent, I hope, is also everybody else’s.  Much love and respect as always.


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