Come be a part of an elite group of brilliant minds working to positively influence the future of audio technology.
We combine intense and effective workgroup techniques with Texas-sized hospitality in an all-inclusive event that may change your life.
Please register as early as possible! For productivity’s sake, we limit the conference to a maximum of 50 attendees. If you know of someone who should be at this event, please pass this information on to them.


At the historic Meyer Bed and Breakfast on Cyprus Creek, Comfort, Texas
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Speakers will be announced at a later date



To this end, three to five workgroups are formed, each consisting of hardware developers, software developers, audio engineers, composers, and tech executives. Each group tackles a problem that has been identified as one of the industry’s most important, spending two days of facilitated brainstorming to formulate its best shot at a solution. The result of this work is the annual BBQ report.

General categories of discussion are:

  • Predicting and/or Directing the Future of Audio on Mobile Devices, the Web, Consoles, Computers, and Any Other Technology Platform
  • Exploring and Influencing Business Models for IP, Distribution, and Other Concerns
  • Exploring and Influencing Hardware Design
  • Software, Tools, and Architecture: Innovations and Standardization
  • Audio Evangelism and Empowerment of the Audio Community
  • Anything Else Relating to Audio Technology Brought Forward by the Attendees


Project Bar-B-Q, Hosted by Platinum Sponsor Dolby Laboratories

Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation
Dolby transforms the science of sight and sound into spectacular experiences. Through innovative research and engineering, Dolby creates breakthrough experiences for billions of people worldwide through a collaborative ecosystem spanning artists, businesses, and consumers. The experiences people have – with Dolby Cinema, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, Dolby Voice and Dolby Audio – revolutionize entertainment and communications at the cinema, on the go, in the home, and at work.
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BBQ is a constant in an industry that seems to change with the wind. It’s a place where you can connect and collaborate with the talented human beings behind the hardware and software we all rely upon as audio professionals. It’s too bad there isn’t a Project BBQ for World Peace… we’d surely have it by now!

Julian Kwasneski
Audio Director, Bay Area Sound, Inc.

Project Bar-B-Q is a life changing experience. The Colective brain trust and beautiful atmosphere that is provided by the Bar-B-Q staff makes for a wonderland of creative technical ideas and their solutions.

Jack Joseph Puig
Director Of Creative Innovation, Waves Audio Ltd

Dolby has collaborated with Project Bar-B-Q for more than a decade and has found it to be one of the most innovative and influential conferences for audio pioneers. Project Bar-B-Q continues to bring together the industry's greatest minds to engage in sharp dialogue and re-imagine the future of audio.

Greg Rodehau
Vice President, Dolby Laboratories

I look forward to Project BBQ every year - I always learn something new, make useful contacts and catch up with friends in a supportive and creative environment. Where else do you get the top minds in audio together to answer your questions and explore your ideas? Every year Project BBQ inspires new ideas, leads to interesting collaborations and helps keep me ‘in the know’ about the latest developments going on in audio.

Karen Collins
Entrepeneur, Sound Designer, University of Waterloo

I have found BBQ to be one of the most unique and valuable industry forums I have ever attended. The level of collaboration and networking is unparalleled; and where else can you find fantastically bright people, cross industry, working on real world problems; followed by cut-loose networking and genuine fun. The diverse points of view and active engagement by all of the attendees produce results which speak for themselves.

David Konetski
Executive Director, Client Technology Solutions, Dell Computers

Project Bar-B-Q is a very unique audio conference where individuals can create their own topics and sessions; and use the collective brains to tackle the problem or discussion. In addition, meeting cool people in the industry around the world. Would highly recommend anyone in the audio ecosystem to attend this conference.

Henry Wong
Senior Product Manager, DTS

I believe Project Bar-B-Q will be known as a pioneer in the nascent field of interactive audio and a beacon for assembling such a visionary team. Meeting and working side-by-side with some of the greatest minds in audio and interactive industry served to solidify and influence my own work in a way few other experiences compare.

David Lieberman
Composer/Developer, The Anigraphical Etudes

I have been to many conferences, trade shows and think tanks over the years and the Project B.B.Q. event in Texas remains a highlight and standout. Not only is the atmosphere one of genuine Texas hospitality and creativity, but the spirit of cooperation among so many brilliant and pioneering people is evident, not only in the Project Bar-B-Q reports, but in the on-going communications amongst it's Alumni year after year.

Jimmy Hotz
Producer, Engineer, Inventor, Jimmy Hotz Productions

There is nothing like Project Bar-B-Q in our industry, probably in ANY industry. It is the most intense brainstorming session you can imagine, done with the most creative and influential minds in the business, fueled by great hospitality and a great location.

Ron Kuper
Chief Technical Officer and President of Engineering, Cakewalk

At other conferences, you get laboriously prepared PowerPoint for 55 minutes of every hour, with a chance to ask a question or two at the end. At Project Bar-B-Q you get to make your own agenda, solving common problems and issues with others in your food chain, including your competitors. This just doesn't exist anywhere else!

David Roach
President, Optimal Sound

You will have an incredibly good time, meet amazing people, get lovingly dunked in the creative process, learn a few very important things, one or two at least about yourself, and come back home in an unusually good mood that lasts for weeks.

Dr. Pat Gleeson

Simply the best think tank I have ever seen. Very efficiently organized, the BBQ gatherings allow you to brainstorm with some of the best specialists in the music, game and computer industries in a relaxed ambiance. No doubt that Project BBQ has had influence in the past and will still have in the future on the decision process of many projects in big or small companies which had a chance to review their recommendations.

AG/Dr. Mad
CTO, MadWaves

If you are interested in the future of computer audio and want to help shape it, BBQ is the place to be. This environment fosters a freedom to think, dream, question, and collaborate with an incredible group of folks from all areas of the computer audio/music field. BBQ is a truly unique and important event for our respective industries, our companies, and for each of us individually. You leave BBQ ready to change the world... and after a few days of mental recovery, the amazing group of attendees each year typically set off and do just that.

Rob Rampley
Software Architect & Rogue Technologist, Line 6, Inc.

BBQ, to me, has always been a haven filled with non-partisan, humanistic audio philosophy and development. It's a place where dedicated people, invested and concerned about the future of audio in the technology industry, get together to discuss, speculate, bitch, moan, cry, cheer, and formulate nefarious plans to make audio better. One of the more beautiful things I see at BBQ is looking around the table in a session filled with fierce competitors, and seeing them all dream the same dream and work together to come up with ways that they can all make that dream a reality. For all of them. It shows that, business reality aside, we are all on the same side, and we all like to play with the same toys.

BBQ gives you a perspective that you just can't get anywhere else. You get a concentrated ooze made up of the biggest and brightest, the most dedicated and most passionate minds in our business - and each perspective has an effect on each OTHER perspective. When you leave BBQ, you are much wiser than when you went in. You see the world more clearly, and are able to attack your own specific issues with a fulfilling sense of wisdom and understanding about your place in the audio universe.

W. Scott Snyder
Audio Director, Edge of Reality

In addition to allowing the participants to decide the topics and make the agenda, Project Bar-B-Q encourages participation beyond the conference. I have not been involved in any other conference that attracts so many people dedicated to making a positive impact on an industry and willing to demonstrate that day after day. The community that is created by Bar-B-Q lasts long after the weekend is over.

Dan Bogard
Principal Member of Technical Staff, Integrated Components Group, SigmaTel, Inc