2018 Workgroup Topic Proposals

Jack is dead. Long live Jack. No he’s dead Jim.

We called for the end of the analog headphone jack on consumer electronics; we even performed an exorcism. We were wrong…or were we?


“Bring back the headphone jack: Why USB-C audio still doesn’t work”



I suggest the BBQ brain was correct in calling for the end of the analog jack, but we failed to offer a compelling replacement. Previous brains showed the limitations of wireless transport for audio, and we still want a good wired experience for low cost, highest performance, and ultimate DiY hackability. (don’t we?)


Let’s show the industry what’s needed for a good wired digital headset experience:

  • Capitalize on power: now there’s power available in the headset, what awesome features will make wired digital headsets worthwhile?
  • But be frugal: wired headsets are DOA if they drain the host’s battery like a 5G modem…
  • 5G is coming: charge while you get your groove on.
  • Capitalize on digital interface: lower latency and higher bandwidth than wireless,¬†what awesome features will make wired digital headsets worthwhile?
  • Low cost to high-feature spectrum or: how I learned to stop worrying and spec decent headsets for developing markets and cheap Americans