2018 Workgroup Topic Proposals

Jack is dead. Long live Jack. No he’s dead Jim.

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We called for the end of the analog headphone jack on consumer electronics; we even performed an exorcism. We were wrong…or were we?


“Bring back the headphone jack: Why USB-C audio still doesn’t work”



I suggest the BBQ brain was correct in calling for the end of the analog jack, but we failed to offer a compelling replacement. Previous brains showed the limitations of wireless transport for audio, and we still want a good wired experience for low cost, highest performance, and ultimate DiY hackability. (don’t we?)


Let’s show the industry what’s needed for a good wired digital headset experience:

  • Capitalize on power: now there’s power available in the headset, what awesome features will make wired digital headsets worthwhile?
  • But be frugal: wired headsets are DOA if they drain the host’s battery like a 5G modem…
  • 5G is coming: charge while you get your groove on.
  • Capitalize on digital interface: lower latency and higher bandwidth than wireless, what awesome features will make wired digital headsets worthwhile?
  • Low cost to high-feature spectrum or: how I learned to stop worrying and spec decent headsets for developing markets and cheap Americans


2015 Workgroup Topic Proposals

Open DSP Islands: how does the Open DSP ecosystem evolve to support an all wireless world?

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Ok, so we championed the open DSP architecture in 2014. Now its 2020: audio accessories skipped our Smart Connector interface (also from 2014) and went straight to wireless (really Devon? BT inside the chassis?); our Open DSPs are now little islands isolated by high latency, low bandwidth links.

How does the Open DSP ecosystem evolve to support – and maximize – an all wireless world?

Are signal processing entities portable? How does the framework optimize processing?

Wireless Open DSP

SPE = Signal Processing Element

Monkey Bus Wireless = A wireless bus from a future bbq. It must be better than Bluetooth.

2015 Workgroup Topic Proposals

Protecting tomorrow’s ears…

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‘…or meaningful ways to safeguard hearing without becoming a nanny state.’

I know that protecting hearing is a major hot-button issue with several BBQers, and I think it is an important issue that we should talk about.

I have not recently been involved in any updates to the EU hearing protection rules, but when I last read the proposed changes I nearly fainted. What I read:

-Dupe users into thinking they’re deaf or suffering from tinnitus when they’ve listened to too much loud music.

-Plaster ugly UI elements all over otherwise beautiful OSes.

-Hosts/players must psychically intuit rendering devices in order to know their output parameters.

-Track users across devices to monitor exposure.

If you are involved with the EU rulemaking and these do not reflect the current state of affairs (and assuming that you are permitted to do so), please correct my understanding. Note that I have taken some liberty in describing my observations.

What is the best way to protect hearing? What roll (or controls) should content creators/parents/governments/police have in protecting their fans/children/citizens/sheep? What can we do as technologists to help?