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The Ninth Annual Interactive Music Conference




Julian Colbeck, Keyfax,
"Support = Sales: support, technical and otherwise, is not a waste of time.
If people knew how your products worked you'd sell an awful lot more of them."

Peter Drescher, Sound Designer, Danger, Inc.
"Sound Design for Really Small Speakers"

Dr. Pat Gleeson,
"The Problem With Sampling"

Ron Kuper, Cakewalk
"The Blind Men and The Elephant"

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1. Introduction  2. Speakers  3. Executive Summary  
4. Mobile Phone Audio - Lessons Learned from Games and the Web
5. A Whole-system Testing Framework for PC Audio
6. The Stroke-a-phone: A New Digital Instrument for Troubled Times
7. MIFFED (Music Industry Foundation for Educational Development)
8. PRAGMA (Pet Rocks and Game Music Alliance)
9. Schedule & Sponsors