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The Thirteenth Annual Interactive Audio Conference
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Group Report: So you want to work in game audio?


David Lieberman, Anigraphical.com

Karen Collins, University of Waterloo
Jennifer Lewis, Relic Entertainment Jory Prum, Studio.Jory.Org

Julian Kwasneski, Bay Area Sound

Damian Kastbauer, Bay Area Sound

Alexander Brandon, Obsidian Entertainment



Facilitator: Van Webster, Webster Communications

Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Why do we need an education resource for game audio?
Developing a Game Audio Education Resource
Funding Resources for Educators
List of Schools Offering Courses or Programs in Game Audio
List of Available Resources (publications & websites)
List of Available Resources (organizations)
Game Audio Skillsets Matrix with Job Descriptions

Executive Summary
The skills required for game audio are varied and combine soft skills/attributes with technical skills. There is a lack of available information on what skills are required, how and where to obtain these skills, how to teach these skills, and how to ensure your employees have these skills. The information that is available is scattered and requires both consolidating and marketing as an updatable resource.

Why do we need an education resource for game audio?
Many of us working in game audio and/or education are asked regularly, “How do I get into game audio?” In answering this question, we need to explore the following related questions:

  • What are the roles and jobs available for audio professionals now and in the future?
  • What skills are required by game audio professionals, and how do we teach these skills?
  • Where can someone obtain the skills required?
  • Where can instructors obtain the resources needed to teach these skills?
  • Outside of schools, how do we train people for these skills?
  • What is the market size for jobs?
  • What should a game audio curriculum look like?
  • What are the student deliverables—documentation of skills?
  • How do we check to ensure new professionals have these skills?
  • What non game-audio skills do game audio professionals need to know?

There have been several on-going attempts to consolidate information, develop curricula, and create resources to answer these questions, including those of the IAsig, Project BBQ, and the Game Audio Network Guild (GANG). Thus far, however, the centralization of resources has been poorly implemented.  Some information is completely absent, while the information that is available lacks detail and requires a procedure for on-going maintenance and adequate marketing.

Developing a Game Audio Education Resource
We propose to first collect and aggregate the information required in the form of a series of lists. These include a list of resources (publications and online sources of information), a list of schools with their existing curricula, a list of roles and job descriptions, a list of tools, a list of funding and grants available to train students and interns, and a list of available hands-on opportunities (internships, mentoring, apprenticeships).  We will also collate stories of potential paths into game audio to illustrate the many different backgrounds and paths to positions. In addition, we will provide a comprehensive matrix of skills and job tasks that will help students pursue their desired career path and match their skills to potential jobs.
We can use existing infrastructure, specifically the IAsig wiki, the Project BBQ website, and the GANG website, to provide access to these lists of information. On-going maintenance will be helped by the marketing itself. Once the information is available in a functional format and is used by a large group of people, maintenance will be simplified. We propose to induct students who would like to get involved in the IAsig/GANG and have them update the information to share their needs, experiences, etc.
Marketing or sharing this information is a key part of our solution. Having the information in place is only useful if this information is being used and updated. In regards to marketing, we will create a downloadable flyer that schools with game audio in their curricula can print off and share on their recruitment boards. We will also propose a GDC talk and have this information provided in attendee packets at conferences, inform the IGDA, IAsig, and GANG, as well as major game online/offline magazines such as Gamasutra and Game Developer. We will also inform schools of the existence of this information, asking them to update contact information, and so on.

Funding Resources for Educators
Funding for the development of new educational programs is often a necessary part of developing new curricula.  Funding resources are, of course, largely nationally based. As such, we have at this time chosen to select a few key resources for North American sources.

Government sources: USA
There is a large list of sources available on the Foundation for Independent Higher Education website: http://www.fihe.org/
There are also some programs available through the National Science Foundation: http://www.nsf.gov/dir/index.jsp?org=her
Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education: http://www.ed.gov/about/offices/list/ope/fipse/index.html
Institutional Development and Undergraduate Education Programs Service (specific to programs enabling disadvantaged students): http://www.ed.gov/about/offices/list/ope/idues/index.html
For vocational-based programs, contact:
Vocational training: H1-B Technology Skills Training  Grants for Workforce Development
U.S. Department of Labor http://www.dol.gov

Private sources: USA
Hewlett Packard: http://www.hp.com/hpinfo/grants/us/programs/tech_teaching/higher_ed_main.html?jumpid=reg_R1002_USEN 
Sony USA Foundation Inc. 550 Madison Avenue, 33rd Floor New York, NY 10022-3211
Att: Communications and Public Affairs Department
Sony Pictures Entertainment's Corporate Philanthropy:  Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.
10202 West Washington Boulevard, Culver City, CA 90232, Att: Janice Pober, Senior Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility
IBM:  http://www.ibm.com/ibm/ibmgives/grant/index.shtml
Microsoft: Partners in learning grants program
Verizon Foundation:  http://www.verizon.com/foundation

Some of the corporate sponsors in USA may fund in Canada also.
Canadian Foundation for Innovation: http://www.innovation.ca


List of Schools Offering Courses or Programs in Game Audio

Canadian Schools
Vancouver Film School, www.vfs.com

American Schools

A.R.T.I. ORLANDO  Orlando, FL  Phone 888/543-2784  www.audiocareer.com  Contact: info@audiocareer.com 
ALTA CENTER FOR COMMUNICATION ARTS  Phoenix, NV  Phone 888/729-4954  www.thealtacenter.com  Contact:
AMERICAN INTERCONTINENTAL UNIVERSITY  Los Angeles, CA  Phone 888/594-9888  www.aiula.com  Contact:
AMERICAN UNIVERSITY Washington, D.C. Phone 202/885-2741  www.american.edu/academic.depts.cas/atec  Contact: atec@american.edu 
APPALACHIAN STATE UNIVERSITY HAYES SCHOOL OF MUSIC Boone, NC  Phone: 828/262-3020 www.music.appstate.edu/RFGstudio  Contact: Scott Wynne 
ART INSTITUTE OF ATLANTA  Atlanta, GA  Phone 800/275-4242  www.artinstitues.edu/atlanta  Contact:
ART INSTITUTE OF SEATTLE  Seattle, WA  Phone 800/275-2471  www.artinstitutes.edu/seattle  Contact: aisadm@aii.edu 
AUDIO ENGINEERING INSTITUTE  San Antonio, TX  Phone 210/698-9666  www.audio-eng.com  Contact: info@audio-eng.com 
AUDIO INSTITUTE OF AMERICA  San Francisco, CA  Phone 415/752-0701  www.audioinstitute.com  Contact: audioinst@earthlink.net 
AUDIO MAGIC RECORDING STUDIOS  Buffalo, NY  Phone 716/876-3451  www.recordingstudio.com  Contact: magic@recordingstudio.com 
BALL STATE UNIVERSITY  Muncie, IN  Phone 765/285-5537  www.bsu.edu/musictech  Contact:
BARTON COLLEGE  Wilson, NC  Phone 252/399-6491  www.barton.edu  Contact: Janie Bostick 
BELMONT UNIVERSITY  Nashville, TN  Phone 615/460-6000  www.belmont.edu  Contact:
BERKLEE COLLEGE OF MUSIC  Boston, MA Phone 617-266-1400 berkleemusic.com  Contact: admissions@berklee.edu 
BETHUNE-COOKMAN COLLEGE  Daytona Beach, FL  Phone 386/481-2741  www.cookman.edu  Contact:
BLOOMFIELD COLLEGE  Bloomfield, NJ  Phone: 973/748-9000  www.bloomfield.edu  Contact:
BRISTOL RECORDING & PRODUCTION STUDIOS  Boston, MA  Phone 617/247-8689  www.bristolstudios.com  Contact: Jason
BROWN MACKIE COLLEGE  Cincinatti, OH  Phone 513/771-2424  www.socaec.com  Contact: bmcciadm@brownmackie.edu 
BUTLER UNIVERSITY-MEDIA ARTS  Indianapolis, IN  Phone 317/940-5976  www.butler.edu/mediaarts  Contact: Cutler Armstrong, 317/940-5976
CASPER COLLEGE  Casper, WY  Phone 307/268-2607  www.caspercollege.edu  Contact: Jean Tichenor 
CAYUGA COMMUNITY COLLEGE  Auburn, NY  Phone 315/255-1743 x2282  www.telcomcayuga.com  Contact: keeler@cayuga-cc.edu 
CENTRAL CAROLINA COMMUNITY COLLEGE  Pittsboro, NC  Phone 919/718-7257  www.cccc.edu  Contact: Bill Freeman 
CENTRAL MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY, MOUNT PLEASANT  Mount Pleasant, MI  Phone 989/774-3851  www.bca.cmich.edu  Contact: Joan K. McDonald 
CITRUS COLLEGE  Glendora, CA  Phone 626/852-8061  www.citrusstudios.org  Contact: Tim Jaquette 
CITY COLLEGE OF NEW YORK  New York, NY  Phone 212/650-5411  www1.ccny.cuny.edu  Contact: Stephen Jablonsky 
CITY COLLEGE OF SAN FRANCISCO  San Francisco, CA  Phone 415/239-3000  www.ccsf.edu  Contact: mmueller@ccsf.edu 
CLACKAMAS COMMUNITY COLLEGE  Oregon City, OR  Phone 503/657-5958 x2434  depts.clackamas.edu/music  Contact: aulaniw@clackamas.edu 
COGSWELL POLYTECHNICAL COLLEGE  Sunnyvale, CA  Phone 408/541-0100  www.cogswell.edu  Contact: info@cogswell.edu 
COLLEGE OF SAN MATEO  San Mateo, CA  Phone 650/574-6161  www.gocsm.net  Contact
COLLIN COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE  Plano, TX  Phone 972/516-5010  www.ccccd.edu  Contact: Chris Morgan 
COLUMBIA COLLEGE CHICAGO  Chicago, IL  Phone 312/663-1600  www.colum.edu  Contact: admissions@colum.edu 
COMMUNITY COLLEGE OF BALTIMORE COUNTY  Baltimore, MD  Phone 410/455-6991  www.ccbcmd.edu  Contact:
COMMUNITY COLLEGE OF SOUTHERN NEVADA, CHEYENNE  Cheyenne, NV  Phone 702/650-2276  www.csn.edu  Contact: Michelle Word 
CONSERVATORY OF RECORDING ARTS & SCIENCES  Tempe, AZ  Phone 800/562-6383  www.audiorecordingschool.com  Contact
COUNTY COLLEGE OF MORRIS  Randolph, NJ  Phone 973/328-5000  www.ccm.edu  Contact: Marielaine R. Mammon 
CUESTA COLLEGE  Paso Robles, CA  Phone 805/546-3100  academic.cuesta.edu/performingarts/  Contact: George Stone 
CUYAHOGA COMMUNITY COLLEGE  Cleveland, OH  Phone 800/954-8742  www.tri-c.edu/rat  Contact: enroll@tri-c.edu 
DB RECORDING & SOUND DESIGN  Cincinnati, OH  Phone www.dbsounddesign.com  Contact:
DEL MAR COLLEGE/RADIO & TELEVISION  Corpus Christi, TX  Phone 361/698-1534  www.delmar.edu/comm/rtv/RTVHome1.html  Contact: Mary Ann Williams 
DEPAUL UNIVERSITY  Chicago, IL  Phone 773/325-7444  depaul.edu  Contact: rbeacraf@depaul.edu 
DUQUESNE UNIVERSITY  Pittsburgh, PA  Phone 412/396-6080  www.music.duq.edu  Contact:
EASTERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY, YPSILANTI  Ypsilanti, MI  Phone 734/487-4380  www.emich.edu  Contact: emu_music@emich.edu 
ELECTRIC LOUNGE PRO SCHOOL-A DIGIDESIGN AND WAVES AUTHORIZED PROSCHOOL  Schaumburg, IL  Phone 847/736 3250 www.electricloounge.tv 
ELMHURST COLLEGE  Elmhurst, IL  Phone 630/617-3500  www.elmhurst.edu  Contact: admit@elmhurst.edu 
EMERSON COLLEGE  Boston, MA  Phone 617/824-8800  www.emerson.edu  Contact: Michael Selig, Ph.D. 
EX'PRESSION COLLEGE FOR DIGITAL ARTS  Emeryville, CA  Phone 877/833-8800  www.expression.edu  Contact: admissions@expression.edu 
FANSHAWE COLLEGE  London, Ontario  Phone 519/452-4430  www.musicindustryarts.com  Contact: Terry McManus 
FINGER LAKES COMMUNITY COLLEGE  Canandalgua, NY  Phone 585/394-3500 x7446  www. flccmusicdepartment.com 
FIREDOG STUDIOS MUSIC TECH CENTER  Spotswood, NJ  Phone 732/251-7775  www.firedogstudios.com Contact: Tom DeStefano 
FITS & STARTS PRODUCTIONS  Eatontown, NJ  Phone 732/741-1275  www.howtosound.com  Contact: Hector La Torre 
FIVE TOWNS COLLEGE FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS Dix Hills, NY Phone 631/656-2110 www.ftc.edu Contact: admissions@ftc.edu
FLASHPOINT, THE ACADEMY OF MEDIA ARTS AND SCIENCES  Chicago, IL  Phone 312/332-0707  www.flashpointacademy.com  Contact:
FOOTHILL COLLEGE  Los Altos Hills, CA  Phone 650/949-7777  www.foothill.edu/musictechnology  Contact: info@foothillmusictech.com 
FULL SAIL REAL WORLD EDUCATION  Winter Park, FL  Phone 800/226-7625  www.fullsail.com  Contact:
FULLERTON COLLEGE  Fullerton, CA  Phone 714/992-7142  www.fullcoll.edu  Contact: hmejia@fullcoll.edu 
FUTURE MEDIA CONCEPTS  New York, NY  Phone 212/233-3517  www.FMCtraining.com  Contact: AneishL@fmctraining.com 
FUTURE RHYTHM  Santa Clara, CA  Phone 888/70-AUDIO  www.futurerhythm.com  Contact: info@futurerhythm.com 
GEORGIA STATE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MUSIC  Atlanta, GA  Phone 404/413-5900  www.music.gsu.edu  Contact: Dr. Robert Thompson 
GLENDALE COMMUNITY COLLEGE  Glendale, AZ  Phone 623/845-3333  www.gc.maricopa.edu  Contact: info@gcmail.maricopa.edu 
GLOBE INSTITUTE OF RECORDING AND PRODUCTION  San Francisco, CA  Phone www.GlobeRecording.com  Contact: info@GlobeRecording.com 
GOLDEN WEST COLLEGE  Huntington Beach, CA  Phone 714/895-8772  www.gwc.info  Contact: hcarter@gwc.cccd.edu 
GRAND VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY  Allendale, MI  Phone 616/331-3484  www.gvsu.edu  Contact: vandongs@gvsu.edu 
GREEN STREET ARTS CENTER  Middletown, CT  Phone 860/685-7871  www.greenstreetartscenter.org  Contact: gsac@wesleyan.edu 
GUILFORD TECHNICAL COMMUNITY COLLEGE  Jamestown, NC  Phone 336/334-4822  www.gtcc.edu  Contact:
HAMPTON UNIVERSITY MUSIC DEPARTMENT  Hampton, VA  Phone 757/728-6508  www.hamptonu.edu/academics/schools/libarts/music  Contact: Dr. Sheila J. Maye 
HARRIS INSTITUTE FOR THE ARTS  Toronto, Ontario  Phone 416/367-0178  www.harrisinstitute.com  Contact: info@harrisinstitute.com 
HARTFORD CONSERVATORY  Hartford, CT  Phone 860/246-2588  www.hartfordconservatory.org  Contact: Linn McGladeM 
HOUSTON COMMUNITY COLLEGE  Houston, TX  Phone 713/718-5757  nwc.hccs.edu  Contact:
HOWARD UNIVERSITY  Washington, D.C.  Phone 202/806-6700  www.howard.edu  Contact: Chris Royer 
HOW-TO SOUND WORKSHOPS  Eatontown, NJ  Phone 732/741-1275, 301/739-5721  www.howtosound.com  Contact: Hector La Torre 
HUMBER COLLEGE  Toronto, Ontario  Phone 416/675-5000  www.humber.ca  Contact: Basil Guinane 
IN YOUR EAR  Richmond, VA  Phone 804/344-5623  www.lobe.com  Contact: Kathy Allsbrook 
INDIANA UNIVERSITY, SCHOOL OF MUSIC  Bloomington, IN  Phone 812/855-1583  www.music.indiana.edu  Contact: Gwyn Richards 
INSTITUTE OF AUDIO RESEARCH  New York, NY  Phone 800/544-2501  www.audioschool.com  Contact: contact@audioschool.com 
INSTITUTE OF PRODUCTION & RECORDING  Minneapolis, MN  Phone 866/477-4840  www.iprschool.com  Contact:
INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY  Tampa, FL  Phone 813/881-0007  www.academy.edu Contact:
INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE OF BROADCASTING  Dayton, OH  Phone 937/258-8251  www.icbcollege.com  Contact: admissions@icbcollege.com 
ITHACA COLLEGE SCHOOL OF MUSIC  Ithaca, NY  Phone 607/274-3171  www.ithaca.edu/music  Contact: Keith Kaiser 
JACKSONVILLE UNIVERSITY  Jacksonville, FL  Phone 904/256-8000  arts.ju.edu/music/index.htm  Contact: Robert Tudor 
JOHNSON COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE, BRC AUDIO PRODUCTIONS CAMPUS  Kansas City, KS  Phone 913/469-8500  www.jccc.edu/home/depts/S00003  Contact success@jccc.edu 
KANSAS CITY KANSAS COMMUNITY COLLEGE  Kansas City, KS  Phone 913/288-7634  www.kckcc.edu  Contact: Dr. Ian Corbett 
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LAKELAND COMMUNITY COLLEGE  Kirtland, OH  Phone 440/525-7105  www.Lakelandcc.edu  Contact: Dr. Robert L. Brown 
LEBANON VALLEY COLLEGE  Annville, PA  Phone 717/867-6275  www.lvc.edu/music/musicTech.aspx  Contact Barry Hill 
LIVE PRODUCTION INSTITUTE  Las Vegas, NV  702/966-3905  www.lpivegas.com  Contact: Lani Sarem, admissions specialist
LONG BEACH CITY COLLEGE  Long Beach, CA  Phone 562/938-4312  www.lbcc.cc.ca.us  Contact: Dr. Peter Knapp 
LOS ANGELES RECORDING SCHOOL  Hollywood, CA  Phone 888/688-5277  www.recordingcareer.com  Contact: info@larecordingschool.com 
LOS MEDANOS COLLEGE  Pittsburg, CA  Phone 925/439-2181 x3327  www.losmedanos.edu  Contact
LOYOLA MARYMOUNT UNIVERSITY  Los Angeles, CA  Phone 310/338-3033  sftv.lmu.edu  Contact: SFTV-INFO@lmu.edu 
MADISON MEDIA INSTITUTE COLLEGE OF MEDIA ARTS  Madison, WI  Phone 800/236-4997  www.madisonmedia.edu  Contact:
MASTERS RECORDING INSTITUTE  Edina, MN  Phone 952/897-1111  mastersrecording.com  Contact:
MCNALLY SMITH MUSIC SCHOOL  Saint Paul, MN  Phone 800/594-9500  www.mcnallysmith.edu  Contact: info@mcnallysmith.edu 
MEDIATECH INSTITUTE  Oceanside, CA  Phone 760/231-5368  www.mediatechinstitute.com  Contact: Jesse Maxson 
MEDIATECH INSTITUTE DIGITAL FILM STUDIOS  Irving, TX  Phone 972/869-1122  www.mediatechinstitute.com  Contact: Tracy Terrell 
MEDIATECH INSTITUTE, AUSTIN  Austin, TX  Phone 512=447-2002  www.mediatechinstitute.com  Contact: Rob Fedson 
MEDIATECH INSTITUTE, DALLAS  Irving, TX  Phone 866/498-1122  www.mediatechinstitute.com  Contact: Tracy Terrell 
MEDIATECH INSTITUTE, HOUSTON  Houston, TX  Phone 713/977-9165  www.mediatechinstitute.com  Contact: Doris Hecht 
MERCY COLLEGE  White Plains, NY  Phone 800/MERCY-NY  www.mercy.edu/cda  Contact:
MESA COMMUNITY COLLEGE: AUDIO PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGIES  Mesa, AZ  Phone 480/461-7273  www.mc.maricopa.edu  Contact: Andy Seagle 
METALWORKS INSTITUTE  Mississauga, Ontario  Phone 866/783-2200  www.metalworksinstitute.com  Contact: admissions@metalworksinstitute.com 
MIAMI-DADE COMMUNITY COLLEGE  Miami, FL  Phone 305/237-1696  www.mdc.edu  Contact:
MIDDLE TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY  Murfreesboro, TN  Phone 615/898-5945  www.mtsu.edu/~record  Contact: Sarah Jackson 
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TEMPLE UNIVERSITY  Philadelphia, PA  Phone 215/204-3041  www.temple.edu/sct/btmm  Contact: Jan Fernback Ph.D. 
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YALE SCHOOL OF DRAMA  New Haven, CT  Phone drama.yale.edu  Contact: David Budries 
YOUNGSTOWN STATE UNIVERSITY  Youngstown, OH  Phone 330/941-3636  www.fpa.ysu.edu/music  Contact: mrcrist@ysu.edu 
COLUMBIA COLLEGE CHICAGO Chicago, IL Sound for Interaction 36-1400 www.iam.colum.edu
Full Sail
UNIVERSITY OF BALTIMORE Baltimore, Maryland School of Information Arts & Technologies
GEORGIA TECH Atlanta, GA Fundamentals of Audio for Media
AUSTIN COMMUNITY COLLEGE Austin, TX Interactive Audio http://www.austincc.edu/techcert/GAME%202012%20-%20Interactive%20Audio%20Syllabus.pdf


List of Available Resources (publications and websites)
(see IAsig WIKI) http://www.iasig.org/wiki/

List of Available Resources (organizations)
Game Audio Network Guild (GANG): Http://www.audiogang.org  
International Game Developer’s Association (IGDA) Education Special Interest Group: http://www.igda.org/education/
Interactive Audio Special Interest Group (IAsig): http://www.iasig.org
Game Audio Pro List on Yahoo Groups (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/gameaudiopro)

Sound Design Discussion List on Yahoo Groups (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sound_design)

Sound Article List on Yahoo Groups (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sound-article-list)

Game Audio Skillsets Matrix with Job Descriptions
The matrix ranks the importance of various soft and technical skills for each job task/type.  The ranking legend identifies that a “3” represents a required skill, a “2” represents a desirable skill, a “1” represents an unimportant skill, and a “-1” represents a skill that could be a hindrance.

Game Audio Skillsets Matrix (PDF)

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8. New Creators and New Creative Tools – Understanding the New Ways to Make Music
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