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The Fifteenth Annual Interactive Audio Conference
BBQ Group Report: The iPhatBack
Participants: A.K.A. "iWillDo"

Henry Wong, DTS

Phil Brown, Dolby
Dan Bogard, IDT David Gough, HP
Howard Brown, IDT Will Wolcott, Dolby
Jens Puchert, Cirrus Logic Tom White, MMA
  Facilitator: Gary Johnson, independent
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Brief statement of problems addressed:

Portable, internal speaker audio is very low quality. Economics of improving all portable audio isn’t compelling. Speakers and microphones are only “good enough”/”just enough”. Addressed in HTC t8788.

Speakers are too small and fire sideways or out the back.

No directionality of audio recording (live video).

Mobile platforms do not have a standard peripheral interface or have restrictive interface

Musicians want to simplify live pedal performance and leverage the processing power of existing mobile devices.
Project Bar-B-Q

A brief statement of the group’s solutions to these problems:

Can we build a no-compromise(ish) audio solution for mobile devices?
An accessory that attaches as a cradle behind a mobile device can augment audio input and output to improve performance.

  1. Allocate large space for speaker(s)
  2. Allow for waveguide to route sound to the listener
  3. Multiple microphones
    1. MEMS – RF immunity, mechanical noise
    2. Min 4, line of mics
    3. Single mic on front for voice and environmental input
  4. Stand
    1. hands free recording
    2. Environmental tuning
  5. Amplifier
    1. 70 dB SPL at 2 feet in front
  6. Mounting – Prevent rattling or distortion
  7. Built-in DSP for sound enhancement algorithms
    1. Maximize loudness
    2. Beam forming
    3. Acoustic Echo cancellation
    4. Noise Suppression
    5. Environmental Noise Suppression
    6. Virtualization
    7. Bass enhancement
    8. Loudness compensation
    9. Environmental Gain control
    10. Ducking
  8. I/O
    1. Line in/out
    2. Mini-USB – for charging
    3. Proprietary dock(?) for charging
  9. Battery
    1. Self-powered
    2. Optional ability to charge host device
Items from the brainstorming lists that the group thought were worth reporting:

Also could be used as pedal effects, synthesis and processing





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