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Brainstorming graphic Project Bar-B-Q


A Conference Hosted by The Fat Man
Conference Developer: The Avallone Media Group
Phone: (512) 689-5486 Fax: (512) 454-8999

Web: http://www.projectbarbq.com

BBQ's 1998
Advisory Board:

George Sanger;

The Fat Man

Teresa Avallone;
Avallone Media Group


Terry Bratcher;
Director ISV Programs

Dave Taylor;
Vice President & COO
Euphonics, Inc.

Van Webster;
Webster Communications

Tom White;

With this report, the attendees of the Third Annual Texas Interactive Music Conference and Bar-B-Q have reached an important mark. We can now claim three years of remarkable, significant contributions to the computer/music field. Three years is often considered the make-or-break point for a conference, and the BBQ staff and I are proud to have been carried across this line by some of the brightest lights in the business, as well as some of the most brilliant, innovative, and openhearted people I have ever had the honor of meeting.

BBQ has affirmed its place in the community as an event that is useful to and supportive of the trade organizations (the MMA and the IA-SIG). It is the crucible in which the truly pressing issues of our industry can be identified and worked on together by a group whose combined talents can consistently achieve what no individual or company can.

As in the last two years, this years' event saw its share of near-miraculous occurrences. A tool was created to test a product's appeal to mass markets. Specs for MIDI II were laid out. It was pointed out that multiple formats of audio playing back on multiple platforms would create a huge matrix of playback situations that might not be handled in a satisfactory way--the issue was analyzed, condensed, and a complete chart was made to help get a handle on exactly what could be done to resolve that issue. And, competition having been laid aside, some common ground was established between supporters of various 3-D audio algorithms.

In addition to the achievements listed in all three years' reports, BBQ can claim to have been the site of significant boosts to all of the IA-SIG's working groups, and the starting point for about half of them. We also now have a business model that can insure BBQ's ongoing commitment to the industry, thanks to our Sponsorship program. Those sponsorships, and the creation of a Board of Technical Advisors have allowed some of the enthusiastic and gifted BBQ supporters to contribute year-round to the quality of the event, and we think it shows.

It is said that imitation is the highest form of flattery. This may be true, but the slogan is only important if one's goal is to be unique. Then, upon failing that goal, one can take some consolation in having been flattered.

The staff of BBQ has no interest in being unique, or in being flattered. The more good and inspiration that comes from this event, the better. Members of the computer graphics, computer game design, and European video game music communities and others have all looked at Project BBQ as a model event for resolving difficult issues. According to some, BBQ's combination of limited membership, non competitive atmosphere, and intense conflict-resolution brainstorming might be a missing element in those industries' current programs. BBQ has not yet been imitated, but we applaud any efforts to bring people together this way, and we stand ready to pitch in if the goal is true cooperation.

The Fat Man,
George Alistair Sanger

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