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The Third Annual Interactive Music Conference
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Group Report: 3D API

Participants: Jiashu Chen; Lucent Technologies
Peter Clare; Sensaura Tony Farinella; SRS Labs
Scott Foster; Aureal Aaron Higgins; Microsoft
Marc Jordan; Cirrus Logic Jean-Marc Jot; Creative Labs
Conrad Maxwell; Rockwell Scott Snyder; Accolade
Kord Taylor; Staccato Systems Facilitator: Dave Albert


  • Simplify creation of content for 3D worlds
  • Bridge the diverse view points: geometrical vs. parametrical
  • Preserve scalability
  • Put power of sound control into designer's hands

    1. dry (direct) path
    2. early reflections
    3. late reverberation

Proposed Solutions:

Game applications can control room reflections, reverberations, and occlusions in two ways:

A. Graphics database and material parameters are fed to a geometrical and physical translator that produces a set of reverberation parameters that in turn control the DSP algorithm.

B. Reverberation parameters are controlled by 1) setting initial values of these parameters, that is, they are presets; 2) updating these parameters according the positions of sound sources relative to the listener without exploiting the room geometry.

In both cases, reverberation parameters can be modified downstream under the control of the sound designer or musician.

  • Modifications can be relative in either case, or absolute in case B.
  • Through a designer user interface, modifications can be saved in an external format that is retrieved by the application at run time.


Under this solution, the API would be able to use room geometry even if the hardware did not support dynamic early reflection tracking, allowing simplified rendering of early reflections without individual tracking of times and amplitudes.

At the same time, the API will support advanced approaches including large, sophisticated reflection models in combination with multiple simultaneous reverberators.

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