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Project Bar-B-Q
A Conference Hosted by The Fat Man
Developed by Avallone Media Group


The Seventh Annual Interactive Music Conference
BBQ's 2002

The BBQ Topic for 2002:

This October 17-20th, 50 of the brightest minds in the computer industry once again traded the comforts and chaos of corporate America to converge on a secluded 360-acre ranch in Texas to discuss, argue, debate, brainstorm and possibly alter the course of history for music on computer over the next five years.

The Seventh Annual Texas Interactive Music Conference and BBQ is a unique and highly effective way to confront the toughest issues facing our industry today and influence their outcome. It is one of the most prestigious, influential and beneficial networking events of the year. This unusual conference gathers the movers and shakers of the audio industry together for a long weekend of concentrated, uninterrupted discussions, debates, and roundtables, as well as speaker sessions with industry leaders.

Unlike conventional meetings, BBQ shuns neckties, company logos and fluorescent lights as detrimental to group thinking processes. BBQ uses natural catalysts to deepen and broaden thought. Attendees do their work under wide Texas skies. The sleep in cabins named for philosophers, are fed gourmet food, and given lots of equipment for making music and adequate structure for brainstorming.

BBQ has given the competitive edge to its attendees, who have formed alliances and organizations that have been long-standing:

--On more than one occasion, what appeared at first to be rifts in the industry became alliances at BBQ. Where there were two competing standards forming, BBQ attendees were able to either make plans to merge the two standards or create agreeable ways for developers and end-users to not have to support both standards.

--Several industry working groups of significant impact have been formed at BBQ, including the IA-SIG's Interactive XMF working group, Audio Awareness working group, and Multiple Formats working group.

--For its influence, BBQ has received letters of thanks from Microsoft, AMD, and Intel who make use of the group's input to create their own powerful audio standards.

Project Bar-B-Q 2002 produced some of the most substantial work to date in areas that will benefit consumers, content creators, and manufacturers in the field of audio on computer-type devices. Almost half of the attendees were new this year and their fresh input was invaluable. And, as always, the giant brain which is the collective knowledge and wisdom of the BBQ group generated solutions to problems in two days that might not be solved in any amount of time outside of the amazing and cooperative spirit of this conference.

George Sanger;

The Fat Man

Teresa Avallone;
Avallone Media Group



David Battino;
Batmosphere Media

Chris Grigg;

Linda Law;
Vice President
Fat Labs, Inc.

Tom White; 
MIDI Manufacturer's Assoc.

Project Bar-B-Q
Phone: (512) 689-5486
Fax: (512) 454-8999

Web: www.projectbarbq.com
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