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The Sixteenth Annual Interactive Audio Conference
BBQ Group Report: Making Spatialization Work Within Constraints of New Form Factors
Participants: A.K.A. "Spatial Ed's Honeywagon Roadshow"

David Rowe, Neversoft

Phil Brown, Dolby
Will Wolcott, Dolby Brian Cullen, UOIT
Facilitator: David Battino, Batmosphere  
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Current spatial audio authoring and delivery systems are not always aware of the rendering environment, so the content is not always rendered in a way that preserves the artistic intent.


A scalable audio spatialization system that preserves the original artistic intent. This system should support authoring, transmission and rendering of audio that adapts to the environment, the listener(s), and the hardware.

Prior Art

  • VBAP
  • Ambisonics
  • iXMF
  • 3DAA
  • AudioStage


Honey File Format

BBQ 2011 image 3



Authoring Process

BBQ 2011 image 4



Rendering Process

BBQ 2011 image 5



Server to Renderer

BBQ 2011 image 6



Use Cases


Music video authoring “Linear Larry”


  • Stems/5.1/stereo-matrix/mono/headphones


  • Stems & Metadata à *.hon file
  • YouTube queries environment and renders as appropriate
  • Small speaker, full-range speaker, number of speakers, headphone, dynamic compression


Game Authoring “Interactive Irving”
  • Environments, objects, distance, vector info
  • Look at iXMF, add querying
  • iXMF Hardware Platform
  • Audio in app (trigger)
  • Interactive (eg, voice, game variables)


Voice Communications “Mobile Molly”

Conference call with aggregated phones (M phones, N users)

  • Server aggregates input, creates .hon stream
  • Each device renders appropriately
  • Language translation support


Cinema “Zack Zimmer”

  • Awareness of audience
  • 3D movies (authoring)
  • Earbuds & subwoofers
  • Transmit sound effects like whispery voices to individual phones in the audience


Musician “Performance Pete”

  • In ear monitors for stage
  • Stream in .HON format (local and remote)
  • Fans can isolate instruments, e.g. guitar
  • No bad seats
  • Stage vs. audience perspective


Tablet educational app “Sally Student”

  • Feel like you are in the lecture hall
  • Distance education – send voice back and forth
  • Language translation



BBQ 2011 image 7

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