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The Eleventh Annual Interactive Music Conference
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Group Report: A Prescription for Quality Audio

Participants: A.K.A. "Content ER"

Joe Bryan, Universal Audio Inc.

Peter Haller, Madison Media Software, Sony Electronics
Devon Worrell, Intel Rory Kaplan, Rory Kaplan Productions Inc.
Jeff Skillen, Gibson Devon Bergman, Dolby Laboratories
  Facilitator: Aaron Higgins, facilitator

A Brief Statement of the Problem:

There is no system that matches and maintains the user’s needs and system capabilities with the original content and the intentions of the artist.

A Brief Statement of the Group’s Solution to this Problem.

We defined a high-level system that identifies the content developer and consumer end points and ties them together, based on artists’ and users’ intentions and/or capabilities. For example, this includes:


  • Spatialization (Stereo/Mono/Binaural/Surround)
  • Quality of Audio
    • Dynamic Range
    • Frequency Response


  • Number of channels/Spatialization
  • Bandwidth and Storage Limits
  • Delivery and Storage Formats

Action Items:

  • Formalize this proposal – Joe Bryan
    • Enumerate intentions and capabilities, in order to produce a specification – the group
  • Define affected parties – Peter Haller
  • Get artist-producer feedback – Rory Kaplan
  • Pursue formal submission to standards bodies (AES/NARAS) – Devon Bergman

Reference Material:

Listening environments:

  • Stereo
    • Headphones
    • Laptop
    • Boombox
    • HiFi
  • Multichannel
    • [Home] Theater
    • Car
    • Virtual
    • Gaming consoles

Renderer (headphone, speaker)
Dynamic Range

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4. Ensuring that PC Audio Editing/Rendering Plug-ins and Processors Always Work
5. Making the Configuration and Utilization of Audio Systems Much Easier
6. To DRM or Not To DRM?
7. A Consumer-friendly Quantifiable Metric for Audio Systems
8. Improving the PC Sound Alert Experience
9. A Prescription for Quality Audio
10. Facilitating Remote Jam Sessions
11. Providing a High Level of Mixing Aesthetics in Interactive Audio and Games

12. Schedule & Sponsors