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The Thirteenth Annual Interactive Audio Conference




Dave Rossum, Chief Scientist of Creative Labs
“Cargo Cult MIDI”

Lucas Gonze, Creator, Yahoo! Media Player
“RFCs vs. a good firm grip: The John Henry story of the record industry on the internet”

Steve Ball, Principal Program Manager Lead, Windows Sound Team
“Artists in the Boardroom: surviving and thriving with and/or within a Borg”

Brian Schmidt, Brian Schmidt Studios & CTO, QSound Labs
“Long Overdue…”

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1. Introduction  2. Speakers  3. Executive Summary  
4. Wrap It Up -- Creating a New Middleware Marketplace for Digital Entertainment Platforms
5. The EduMusiTainers™
6. So you want to work in game audio?
7. Smart Ambient Sound Sensor
8. New Creators and New Creative Tools – Understanding the New Ways to Make Music
9. Working as a Creative Professional in a Corporate Environment
10. "PRAGMA" Rebooted (pet rocks and game music alliance) A Project Bar-B-Q 2008 rogue group updating a Project Bar-B-Q 2004 rogue group
11. Schedule & Sponsors