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The Thirteenth Annual Interactive Audio Conference
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Group Report: Working as a Creative Professional in a Corporate Environment

Participants: A.K.A "No, It Is Opposed. Art Sees Trade's Opposition."
Peter Drescher, Microsoft  

Other contributors: interviewees from various corporations


Problem Statement

Being a Creative Professional in a Corporate Environment can be aggravating, rewarding, difficult, wonderful, stifling, liberating, and lucrative. However, the needs of the artist can be at polar opposites to the requirements of business. How can an audio professional create beautiful music and compelling soundtracks while surrounded by accounting spreadsheets and nervous lawyers?

Finding the Answers

Interview BBQ08 attendees who are currently, or have formerly been, employed by a large corporation (such as Microsoft) in a creative audio position. Transcribe and collate recordings, then write and publish an online article or blog based on conclusions, based on attendee stories and experiences.

NOTE: No audio samples of interview recordings will ever be released. No personal names will be used, no companies will be specified. Anonymity of attendees is guaranteed. Only general trends will be identified and discussed.

Action Item


Who’s Responsible

Due Date



Peter Drescher


Publish O'Reilly article on the subject

Reference Material

Annoying Audio blog "Top 5 Ways to Annoy An Audio Guy":

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4. Wrap It Up -- Creating a New Middleware Marketplace for Digital Entertainment Platforms
5. The EduMusiTainersT
6. So you want to work in game audio?
7. Smart Ambient Sound Sensor
8. New Creators and New Creative Tools – Understanding the New Ways to Make Music
9. Working as a Creative Professional in a Corporate Environment
10. "PRAGMA" Rebooted (pet rocks and game music alliance) A Project Bar-B-Q 2008 rogue group updating a Project Bar-B-Q 2004 rogue group
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