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The Eleventh Annual Interactive Music Conference




Marcus Ryle, co-founder, Line 6
“Why Do People Listen With Their Eyes?”

Rory S. Kaplan, Former Executive Producer--DTS Entertainment, Producer, Consultant, Musician
“The Quality/Convenience Paradox”

Peter Haller, Principal Software Engineer, Sony Madison Media Software
“It Works With...”

David Roach, President, Optimal Sound, www.optimalsound.net
“Be Very Specific About What You Wish For”

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1. Introduction  2. Speakers  3. Executive Summary  
4. Ensuring that PC Audio Editing/Rendering Plug-ins and Processors Always Work
5. Making the Configuration and Utilization of Audio Systems Much Easier
6. To DRM or Not To DRM?
7. A Consumer-friendly Quantifiable Metric for Audio Systems
8. Improving the PC Sound Alert Experience
9. A Prescription for Quality Audio
10. Facilitating Remote Jam Sessions
11. Providing a High Level of Mixing Aesthetics in Interactive Audio and Games

12. Schedule & Sponsors