2018 Workgroup Topic Proposals

Industrial design – Consumer trends – What will drive the next generation of audio consumer?

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In a world where kids seem excited to realize that dropping their phone into a pint glass ‘improves the sound quality’ it is a terrifying realization that we have an entire generation of audio consumers that have never enjoyed the impact and dynamics of real HiFi.  The last ten years or so has started to bring audio out of the smartphone malaise, but what innovations will help to create a new generation of audio lovers?

‘big sound technologies’

  • Compression
  • Equalization
  • psycho acoustic harmonic overlay
  • wide range transducers

What technology do we need to make the next generation of killer audio products?

Will I-V sense amps and closed loop amplification give us the ability to extract substantially more performance from traditional transducers (not just micro speakers)?

Can we further leverage advanced DSP platforms and multi-channel arrays to improve sound quality and deliver true dynamics within the constraints of the current industrial design trends?

Will distributed/mesh audio  solutions proliferate into the mainstream?

What problems do we need to solve to allow small form factor audio solutions to deliver more impact and larger sound fields?  Are we really at the limit of the laws of physics?