2017 Workgroup Topic Proposals

Calling Joe Six-Track

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How can we help the average Joe record and distribute immersive audio?

360° cameras are on the rise; let’s spec out some affordable and easy-to-use 360° (or even spherical) audio systems.

Some components to explore:

  • The listening experience: What is the thriller app?
  • Playback systems: Binaural? Multichannel? Head-tracking? Vibration enhanced? Scaled?
  • Transmission systems: What are the file/transport format requirements?
  • Mixing systems
  • Composing and synthesizing systems
  • Recording systems

I’ve listed these in reverse to imagine the payoff so we can identify ways to get there.

As a background question, what are some Joe-friendly ways to record and distribute immersive audio today? I’ve tried software to make “AC3” DVDs and DTS CDs, the Zoom H2N 5-mic recorder’s stereo mixdown, in-ear mics, and spatializer plugins, but none has really curled my mustache.

David Battino

Sound Egg Joe
A $2,000 Sound Egg seems to do the trick, but there’s gotta be a better way.
2013 Workgroup Topic Proposals

Social Stereo

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It saddens me to see two people sharing a single set of earbuds, one lonely channel per listener. What if there were an app that let one person broadcast music to the mobile devices of nearby friends? Add voice and text chat, plus some ways to monetize the service through DSP plug-ins, hardware add-ons, and referral fees for promoting music.

What are the requirements, and what types of businesses could result?

Failing that, how about some really immersive headphones?