2014 Workgroup Topic Proposals

The Dream Dugout: New Best Practices for Dream-Team-Building

When it’s time to build the dream product, or series of products, yer gonna want yer best possible noises.

So you bring in the Dream Team, naturally, but how best to set them up?  What tricks have Time and Experience taught us about the environment, the structure, the attitude–and how can we anticipate changes to those lessons over the next few years?

How do these things change in the future, with vastly improved collaboration tools, teleconferencing, telepresence, lifecasting, and with new tools blurring lines between “integration,” “music” and “sound design:”  Who punches the clock at the factory, who commutes to his garage studio in bunny slippers?   How big are the teams?  How do we account for slippery job titles?  How frequent are physical/virtual meetings?  What’s flow of control and command will work best?  What about interactions Audio has with the deeper technical teams and loftier Vision-Holders?  Collaborations with outside contributors?  What about it?  HUH?  WHAT ABOUT IT?!?!?!?