2015 Workgroup Topic Proposals

That Droning Sound

What’s the hottest new consumer technology? Helicopter drone video. What’s the worst thing about helicopter drone video? That droning sound. (Or no sound at all.) Imagine…

  • A drone-mounted mic that cancels the propeller sound, producing pristine soundtracks
  • A ring of drone-mounted speakers that follow you around, for mobile surround sound (“wingtones”)
  • An app that synthesizes music from silent drone video

More practically, future noise cancellation algorithms will offer numerous opportunities for adding sound and music to previously hostile environments. What are some scenarios that would encourage that development?

Party Drone
The 450-watt flying party speaker. Just need four more. (Click for video.)

3 thoughts on “That Droning Sound

  1. Good topic!

    The Lily camera drone ( https://www.lily.camera/ ) has a nice solve. Their drone films and follows the user by way of a wrist-worn tracker with a built in microphone. The system records the sound of the user in first person perspective, while filming them from the drone in third person perspective. The combination works fairly well.

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