2018 Workgroup Topic Proposals

SETI for Audio

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Untold millions of Internet-connected devices are slacking off when they could be working together to solve Big Audio Problems. The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) program harnessed unused cycles on thousands of computers to hunt for aliens. What kinds of audio problems could we solve by networking millions of underused devices? What new sonic experiences could we create?

Now imagine extending the processing pool to mobile devices with microphones and location sensors. What are the opportunities for Massively Multiplayer Music? What incentives would inspire people to share access to their processors and I/O?

—David Battino

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Collaborative music creation – shit or get off the pot

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In 2006, 9 years ago, the Big Brain had a look at facilitating remote jam sessions.  Since then we’ve seen a plethora of online collaborative music creation platforms that have come and gone.

Is there a successful collaborative music creation platform out there today?

Or is this just Dropbox?

Is there a meaningful demographic of musicians and producers who actually want to collaborate online, whether in real-time or offline?

Or is this just a cool technical challenge that engineers enjoy solving and marketeers think is a differentiator, because Social and virality coefficients?

If there is a market, why are there no clear leaders?  What do we have to do to make a giant leap forward?

If there isn’t a market, let’s prove that and get off the pot.