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Collaborative music creation – shit or get off the pot

In 2006, 9 years ago, the Big Brain had a look at facilitating remote jam sessions.  Since then we’ve seen a plethora of online collaborative music creation platforms that have come and gone.

Is there a successful collaborative music creation platform out there today?

Or is this just Dropbox?

Is there a meaningful demographic of musicians and producers who actually want to collaborate online, whether in real-time or offline?

Or is this just a cool technical challenge that engineers enjoy solving and marketeers think is a differentiator, because Social and virality coefficients?

If there is a market, why are there no clear leaders?  What do we have to do to make a giant leap forward?

If there isn’t a market, let’s prove that and get off the pot.

2 thoughts on “Collaborative music creation – shit or get off the pot

  1. Turntable.fm and Plug.DJ were interesting examples of collaborative DJ experiences that boomed quickly and then slowly fizzled to a small dedicated audience.

    InBFlat was an interesting collaboration where participants created and posted videos composed in BFlat and a user could trigger and mix them at will from a single website. http://inbflat.net/

    Kutiman has also done some great work with sampling unsuspecting youtube artists and recontextualizing them into a new score. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tprMEs-zfQA

    Perhaps it’s the way that we define collaboration that needs to change? How can that line between sampling and collaboration, or the line between creation and curation be blurred even further?

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