2016 Workgroup Topic Proposals

Why do my YouTube (next: livestream) videos still sound like sh*t?

Anyone and everyone – literally, anyone and everyone – are recording videos on their phones and uploading to YouTube to share with friends and family. While picture quality steadily improves upon device iterations, audio quality consistently leaves a lot to be desired.

We have dialogue-disrupting ambiences!
We have diaphragm-distorting wind!
We have directionality-driven dynamics fluctuations!

noise noise noise!

With recent trends toward livestreaming, this audio quality problem has now evolved from a mere “fix it in post” problem into a no-holds-barred, guns-a-blazing, real-time audio challenge for us to solve!

It’s a physics problem.
No, it’s a transducer problem.
No, it’s a DSP problem.
No, it’s a latency problem.
No, it’s a UI/UX problem.
No, it’s a marketing/education problem.
No, it’s a product problem.

It’s all of the above!

Only the Big Brain can solve it.