2016 Workgroup Topic Proposals

Augmented Audio Reality: Another “Google Glass” or “the Future of Listening”

“Augmented Audio Reality  (AAR) ” has become another buzz word with the advent of Air Buds, apps like RjDj Here and innovations from audio companies like Doppler Labs and Harman as well as the popularity of applications of it’s big brother, “Augmented Reality” like Pokeman Go.  Will consumers embrace AAR or will it be another personal intrusion only geeks will embrace?

I suspect it will be a mixed bag with broad adoption of AAR applications that enhance user experience and resistance to applications that intrude on the users brain.  But considering AAR is a close cousin to Interactive Audio who better qualified than the BarBQ to sort the wheat from the chaff (You’all).

I pose these questions to the BarBQ Brain:

  • What AAR applications will be embraced by consumers and why?
  • What audio technology is needed to make advanced AAR compelling?
  • Will all AAR solutions be proprietary or is there a need for any standards?
  • What will AAR applications look like in 2021?

I’m sure other can add even more meaningful questions to this list.