2018 Workgroup Topic Proposals

Identify problems in audio for VR and AR/MR headsets and suggest solutions

Audio is the body’s only 360 degree sense that can be used to help cue someone to turn around without touching them almost precisely in that direction.

VR and AR/MR provide immersive video experience, but the audio needs to be created and combined with this video providing a similar immersive experience at an affordable cost.

The purpose of this topic is to discuss and identify the challenges for audio in these various types of “reality” (VR, AR, MR,) and the solutions thereof.

One may have multiple challenges while creating content for these headsets. Some of these have to be probably taken care of during content creation such as scene based, etc., but some will have to be done in the headsets such as distance rendering or factoring in room impulse response, etc.

Once these problems are identified, the next challenge will be to identify the best possible format for the content to be stored, communicated and played, object or ambisonics

Subbu alias Hondo